"I received Reiki treatment from Rita during July/August 2012 for back/shoulder pain. During the previous year I had received other therapy treatment which had helped but not cured the problem. However, following Rita's Reiki treatment I am now able to resume full gardening activities without pain, and consider myself cured."
P D Cartwright
Yes, I have a velour jacket and yes, I eat couscous, and YES, I do "Yoga". If I don't, I can't get out of bed in the morning, but I also go to Natural Healing Centre Talgarth for a massage by Nikki on Fridays. And it is a bliss! Even if you don't "believe" in these treatments, Nikki can help you find out why your back, neck or knee is in
Pip, Talgarth
"After 30 years of countless therapies & expense, sadly I was still left with my many debilitating allergies - until now. After SRT, I am now able to be with people & enjoy life the way it used to be. From being a total sceptic (not having heard of SRT before) I am now a happy, healthy, convert. Thank you Rita, I am eternally grateful."
C Cartwright
I have visited the Natural Healing Centre on several occasions. One treatment with Rita, who was great and really knowledgable about her practice. I also had reflexology in the Treatment Centre and would highly recommend it! Why travel far when these great treatments are available locally! Looking forward to my next visit!
Ann, Talgarth Wales
"I started going to the clinic a few months back for some Reiki healing. I was immediately soothed by Rita's gentle and compassionate healing abilities. I also discovered SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) which deeply enhanced my spiritual healing journey. Thank you Rita! xxx"
D Aurore